New warehouse module with handheld introduced ...

March 2020

Our new warehouse module with graphical representation of the packaging materials and the item to be stored was put into operation. Through the visual representation of the packaging materials, such as cardboard boxes, bags, inserts, crates, etc., the employee is provided with visual support by the warehouse software. The storage itself is carried out via a handheld with a pistol grip, which can be individually programmed by JGA. The existing plausibility checks minimise errors during storage or retrieval. An integrated route optimisation improves the actions in the warehouse and time is saved when searching for storage locations and storing or retrieving goods. The dispatch display and the new warehouse module provide the dispatch staff with optimal support for preparing and dispatching the daily deliveries. Information of any kind (storage quantity, packaging materials, batch numbers, etc.) about the stored items can also be called up via the handheld.